"Shawn has established himself as a crucial editorial leader on the Medtech Insight team. Shawn produces top-notch feature, analysis, tips and podcast content on his own that attracts massive significant attention from readers. He has been an innovator on staff in the realm of podcasting, educational-based pieces and external contributors."

David Filmore, executive editor,
Medtech Insight


"Shawn is a skillful interviewer and an excellent writer. When embarking on a project, he thoroughly researches the topic, talks to the relevant people, and then writes a story or report that accurately covers the pertinent information. He is detail-oriented, respects deadlines and is a pleasure to work with."

Nancy Singer, president,


"Shawn was responsible for editing and designing our custom publishing projects, which ranged from transcripts to 40-page specialty publications. One of his chief duties was to take a 45-page transcript filled with dense policy material and edit it down to a four-page document that was digestible to an average reader. We always relied on him to complete the work well and in accordance with tight and inflexible publishing schedules."

Kate Genser, marketing manager,
The New Republic



"Shawn is particularly good at finding and interviewing good sources; his stories include comments and analysis from a wide range of experts, which contributes greatly to their strength. Shawn also brings a most welcome level of creativity to both the writing and presentation of The Silver Sheet, a product of his significant experience in the publishing field."

Mary Houghton, executive editor,
The Silver Sheet


"During our coverage of the Iraq War, Shawn was an integral part of our operation and a valuable contributor to our news gathering. Most all of the news stories we produced during that period contained video elements recorded, logged or researched by Shawn. He virtually ran our master control room on a day-to-day basis."

Chris Shlemon, producer/editor,
Independent Television News, U.K.